INPEX gains flexibility with Synergi Life

INPEX chose Synergi Life

The Japanese oil and gas company INPEX chose Synergi Life mainly because of its configurability, flexibility and the multilingual interface.

'Synergi Life could do what we wanted it to do,' says Florian Guinchard, Senior Process Safety Engineer at INPEX. 'Having a unique tool to report health, safety and environment risks across the organization is a great advancement. The users are able to report HSE risk quickly and efficiently and data analysis is facilitated,' he says.

INPEX is Japan's largest oil and gas exploration and production company, with more than 70 projects across 27 countries. They are using Synergi Life's Risk Management software module. Having a unique tool across all parts of the organization improves consistency and communication of HSE risk management data.

'The main reason we chose Synergi Life were that we could see it was very configurable, very flexible, and had a multilingual interface. This was an important aspect for our company, since we have a diverse workforce where not everyone is fluent in English,' he says.

'ALARP' level

'One of our objectives is to ensure that HSE risks are continously managed to 'ALARP' level, as low as reasonably practical. Synergi Life is helping us to achieve this objective by providing a consistent framework available to all of our operating organizations,' says Florian.

The implementation of Synergi Life involved engaging directly with the main stakeholders in the organization. During configuration they increased awareness and held training sessions for users.

After the formal kick-off, INPEX has developed further the internal 'how-to' guidance for the users.

'We see the momentum picking up,' says Florian. After six months, 80% of the HSE risk management reporting is done by end users directly into Synergi Life.

Single source of truth

Process Safety Manager Siva Kannan says Synergi Life is a 'centralized tracking register' with all relevant history recorded and tracked. "It's a 'single source of truth,'" he says.

"We use the software in daily tasks and work. And Synergi Life software has many modules, which is good because they can be interlinked," he says. "Automatic collection of statistics is great help when it comes to presenting data to the management."

Future plans for INPEX in HSE include expanding the scope and use of Synergi Life QHSE software. "We are studying the possibility to implement the Barrier Management (bow tie analysis) and the Incident Management system module," says Florian.

Why we chose DNV's Synergi Life:

  • Web-based tool
  • Internationally recognized solution
  • Flexible and configurable, meeting our technical requirement
  • Available in multiple languages, including Japanese and Spanish

This is what we gained:

  • Consistency for risk management practice
  • Database system where traceability and integrity of data is ensured
  • Powerful and versatile built-in search functions
  • Data and statistics consolidation allowing timesaving for collection and reporting
  • A 'single source of truth'
INPEX gains flexibility with Synergi Life

We see the momentum picking up. After six months, 80% of the HSE risk management reporting is done by end users directly into Synergi Life.

  • Florian Guinchard ,
  • Senior Process Safety Engineer ,

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Download and read the full customer story

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