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DNV provides fatal-flaw technical review for an Australian wind farm to support ICG’s equity investment analysis

M&A technical due diligence support for Infrastructure Capital Group’s potential acquisition of the 119 MW Willogoleche wind farm

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Richard Gledhill
Richard Gledhill

Head of Section, Project Engineering

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The focus of DNV’s technical due diligence process is the identification and mitigation of possible technical and related commercial risks that may result in a project not being able to generate the expected revenue over its operational lifetime. Building on DNV’s significant renewable energy experience, our engineers and analysts are able to comprehensively identify, analyse and evaluate risks, and if necessary, work with customers to mitigate them.

With considerable experience in providing advisory and engineering services on renewable energy projects in Australia, DNV was chosen to support the customer’s review of the project.

Three key benefits

  • Targeted review of key technical issues completed within the short bid time frame
  • Identification of issues that may impact ongoing energy production
  • Identification of issues that might pose commercial risks and affect the valuation of the target acquisition

About the customer

The Infrastructure Capital Group (ICG) is an Australian-based specialist infrastructure investment company with over AUD 2.1 billion of equity funds under management.

The customer challenge

To quickly and effectively assess risks across a potentially wide range of technical issues that may impact the customer’s valuation of the target acquisition.

DNV’s solution

DNV provided ICG technical risk assessment services and applied a mix of qualitative and quantitative assessments to review, identify, analyse and evaluate the impact of any issues that were  identified. 

DNV’s review investigated:

  • Site conditions
  • Energy assessments
  • Equipment technology 
  • Plant design, including the potential to extend the plant’s operating life to 30 years
  • Overall project model
  • Operations and maintenance program
  • Community acceptance.

Benefits to the customer

ICG is an experienced investor in renewable energy projects and has a good grasp on the technical challenges facing wind farms. Over the years DNV has established an excellent working relationship with ICG, allowing for a common understanding of the challenges and uncertainties associated with predicting a power plant’s future performance. DNV was able to effectively benchmark key operational metrics for the Willogoleche Wind Farm. While not every risk can be quantified, working with a customer like ICG allows for a deeper discussion and a common understanding of key issues.

Contact us:

Richard Gledhill
Richard Gledhill

Head of Section, Project Engineering

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DNV is always a pleasure to deal with. They are across their brief, know the issues and are able to provide sound, pragmatic advice based on years of practical experience. ICG would have no hesitation recommending DNV to any renewables client whether it be equity investors, contractors or lenders.
Craig Whalen,
  • Executive Director
  • Infrastructure Capital Group