BlueFloat Energy relies on WindFarmer for energy yield assessments

BlueFloat Energy, based in Madrid, is developing offshore wind projects in various regions of the world, where it can implement its vision: to accelerate global deployment of offshore wind as a key enabler for the energy transition and economic growth. They are now using DNV’s WindFarmer software to increase accuracy in energy yield assessment estimates.

Founded by renewable energy professionals, BlueFloat Energy brings together unparalleled expertise in the design, development, financing, construction and execution of floating offshore wind projects. 

BlueFloat Energy is supported by 547 Energy, the Quantum Energy Partners’ platform dedicated to clean energy investments. 547 Energy aims to partner with innovative companies who drive the growth of the green energy economy. Quantum Energy Partners is one of the world’s leading dedicated energy investment funds, with a portfolio of over $ 17 billion of assets under management since its inception in 1998. 

We spoke with Luis Miguel García, Director of Wind and Site Assessment at BlueFloat Energy, about his experience using WindFarmer: Analyst. He has been working in onshore and offshore wind since 2009, and his department works on key areas such as wind assessment, flow modelling, wind farm optimization and wakes. 

Q. How does BlueFloat Energy use WindFarmer: Analyst? 

A. We use WindFarmer: Analyst for wake and blockage losses assessment and wind turbine layout optimization. With WindFarmer we have a wide range of results, depending on the wake models considered, that help us to reduce the uncertainty in our energy yield assessment estimates.  

Q. Why did you choose WindFarmer: Analyst?  

A. I’ve been working with WindFarmer for more than 10 years. I consider it a very important tool for running the energy yield assessment studies. I decided WindFarmer was going to be one of the tools included in our methodologies and procedures, as we needed to consolidate a robust methodology that relies on the use of very mature and widely recognized and accepted tools. I wanted to continue using a wide range of different flow models to follow the best industry practices. 

Q. What features of WindFarmer: Analyst do you most value? 

A. Having the blockage effect tool integrated in the software is a great improvement. I also like the different options for the wakes modelling, including PARK, Eddy Viscosity, Large Wind Farm Correction, Ambient stability options and more. 

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