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Main features

Lumina™ is DNV’s online dashboard that supports your management system improvement path. Review the areas where companies most often struggle, deep-dive into best-practice root-causes, see the most common fixes to prevent nonconformities from recurring and benchmark your performance internally and externally. Lumina provides you with a wider view to effectively ensure compliance and implement lasting improvements.
Set queries and browse data through an intuitive self-service interface. Benefit from analytics on audit findings from thousands of companies worldwide as well as the experience and expertise of DNV’s auditors.

Use Lumina for:

  • High-level statistics on failures for any given standard

Understand where companies’ management systems most often fail to be compliant.

  • Overview of most common root causes and fixes

Access lists of the most common root causes and fixes for nonconformities per clause and sub-clause to provide inspiration for your improvement process. A proper root cause analysis enables you to not only implement corrective actions to close audit findings but reveals underlying structural issues allowing for implementation of holistic, lasting improvements.

  • Benchmark your management system’s performance

Compare the management system’s overall performance against that of your peers using the management system performance index (Mspi). Use the industry benchmarks to get access to statistics for the most common compliance risks in any industry and compare against other industry groups.

  • Compare sites internally

Multi-site companies can benchmark internal sites nationally or across geographical borders to ensure a consistent performance and target improvement efforts where needed.

  • Improve and assess your performance over time

Access the detailed benchmarking heat-map showing areas for improvement or use the trend view to study e your performance over time. Analyse performance per finding’s severity, MSpi and findings per day to understand how your management system is developing and whether you are heading in the right direction.

  • Manage risks

Get early warnings about the most common critical processes and strengths of your management system per chosen standard(s), your industry sector or standard(s) which you have decided to implement.
With insight from Lumina, you can easily identify and prioritise improvement efforts and gain insight that helps your ensure compliance.

Benchmarking report and workshop

Our experts can help provide you with a better understanding of the data and key benchmarks. You define specific benchmarking groups. We extract the data and analyse the results. Going through your management systems' strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, the results can be shared in a workshop and a detailed report.


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Lumina™ - Improvement through awareness

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