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Unlock the potential of clean energy programs with EVOLVE Digital Suite

EVOLVE Digital Suite

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Daniel Jarvis

Daniel Jarvis

Head of Department, Analytics and Technical Services

Explore this customizable tool suite that streamlines clean energy programs & connects utilities, customers, & trade allies to insights, rebates, & more.

Utilities are racing against the clock to meet clean energy and sustainability targets. And with financial penalties and incentives on the line, the stakes have never been higher. 

But delivering against these targets requires connected and contextual data insights and real-time visibility across customer portfolios, marketplace trends, project pipeline, and potential risks and opportunities.

Furthermore, elevating the customer experience and inspiring customers to adopt more sustainable habits and products is critical. Utilities must position themselves to deliver friction-free access to incentives and rebates and connect customers to an ecosystem of partners, distributors, and trade allies.

DNV recently announced EVOLVE Digital Suite, a customizable suite of tools designed to help utilities accelerate energy programs and meet revenue and savings targets. EVOLVE Digital Suite streamlines program management and connects you and your customers, trade allies, and distributors to the insights, resources, and incentives needed to optimize programs, remain agile, and deliver results.

In this article, I’ll give you a quick tour of EVOLVE Digital Suite. You can also visit our website to learn how EVOLVE Digital Suite can help you transform your clean energy program

Accelerate a clean energy future with EVOLVE Digital Suite 

DNV has been at the cutting edge of digital utility energy solutions, helping our customers meet their goals. Through EVOLVE Digital Suite, we have brought a key set of capabilities to market.

Backed by four decades of DNV experience, innovation, and investment, EVOLVE Digital Suite is a differentiator proven to drive outcomes, especially when combined with our service offerings. Each tool integrates with existing systems and provides customizable portals, automated workflows, intuitive dashboards, and advanced analytics.

EVOLVE CX – Inspire your customers

First up is EVOLVE CX, which is designed to help you up-level the customer experience by moving beyond billing and support interactions to surface personalized insights, solutions, and recommendations that can motivate commercial and residential customers to embrace clean energy. 

This solution delivers a customizable, intuitive portal and configurable, persona-based scorecards for a deeply relevant experience. By providing dynamic recommendations and streamlined access to our online rebate application and other resources as well as a searchable database of qualified contractors, EVOLVE CX makes it easy for customers to take action. Plus, easy-to-use virtual engagement tools help you connect customers to energy experts from any mobile device. 

EVOLVE Partner Plus – Empower your trade allies 

Utilities rely on trade allies and partners to provide clean energy products, technologies, and services. EVOLVE Partner Plus is a self-service tool that streamlines and automates trade ally applications and empowers trade allies to incorporate your programs into their business models.  

Developed with direct feedback from trade allies, EVOLVE Partner Plus enables you to quickly scale your trade ally ecosystem by giving trade allies the tools, training, and marketing materials they need to maximize their affiliation with your brand and drive local economies. 

EVOLVE 360o – Capture every opportunity

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are great, but they’re not enough for the unique needs of utilities. To keep programs on target, you need line-of-sight across multiple touchpoints and an understanding of the outreach activities that deliver the greatest impact, such as customers visited, emails sent, and energy assessments scheduled.   

EVOLVE 360o goes beyond traditional CRMs to deliver end-to-end insights into every touchpoint across the pipeline. EVOLVE 360o drives activity-based delivery through a data-driven feedback loop, so users can benchmark results against key performance indicators as well as their peers. There are even alerts, so you can connect with customers during key points in their journeys.

EVOLVE Impact Flow – Accelerate energy program success 

Managing your energy programs and making informed decisions relies on data across projects, customers, trade allies, and more. But accessing actionable insights is often impeded by manual workflows and disconnected processes and systems. 

EVOLVE Impact Flow is a workflow and project tracking solution that gives you visibility into clean energy program status and enables you to measure the impact of your energy savings, demand reduction, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and water savings.   

EVOLVE Impact Flow automates and streamlines project tracking, document management, and rebate payment approvals. The impact technology and measure library provides thousands of calculations to help you calculate and analyze energy,y demand, and GHG savings and recommend further energy investments and projects.

EVOLVE Midstream – Process incentives at scale

Energy incentives are a key motivator for customers. But to ensure customer participation and avoid delays, rebates must be processed quickly and seamlessly at the point of sale. At the same time, utilities must be able to validate customer eligibility and product installation and payment data to measure demonstrate impact and transform markets.  

Designed with direct participation from some of the world’s leading distributors, EVOLVE Midstream enables distributors to process incentives at the point of sale, fast-tracking payments and minimizing the risk of rejected transactions. EVOLVE Midstream provides distributor peer-comparison reports that benchmark rebated product sales against competitors by manufacturer and product. 

EVOLVE Intelligence – Power insights with machine learning 

The growing decarbonization and decentralization of energy grids require smarter and more flexible solutions. Data and analytics are vital to enabling real-time insights into energy use and the impacts delivered through efficiency, storage, and renewable generation.  Furthermore, data is the foundation for more successful business planning and forecasting, including the identification of opportunities and blockers.  

EVOLVE Intelligence is an advanced data analytics solution specifically designed for the unique needs of the energy industry. Enhanced by machine learning, EVOLVE Intelligence analyzes multiple, unique datasets to deliver connected, real-time insights that can help you increase the accuracy of your planning, forecasting, and targeting, so you can keep energy projects on track, adjust to market changes, and drive customer satisfaction.

EVOLVE Intelligence also helps you shape your energy transition by going beyond energy savings to find ways to reduce GHG emissions, analyzing variables such as time of day and geography to help you and your customers optimize the best technology mix.

Transform your energy program with EVOLVE Digital Suite

EVOLVE Digital Suite is a true differentiator that is transforming the success of energy programs and delivering a cleaner, more sustainable future. And it’s the only comprehensive tool suite available that is designed specifically for utilities. 

In the coming weeks, my colleagues will be going into greater detail about each of the tools within EVOLVE Digital Suite, so be sure to watch this space or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Meanwhile, to learn more, reach out to a DNV expert to see how EVOLVE Digital Suite can help your utility accelerate your clean energy programs and achieve your targets.

Contact us:

Daniel Jarvis

Daniel Jarvis

Head of Department, Analytics and Technical Services