Power and renewables

Partner Plus is a “concierge” service to help Trade Allies grow their business and achieve program goals

EVOLVE Partner Plus is an automated, self-service tool that streamlines and automates trade ally applications and empowers trade allies to incorporate your energy programs into their business models.

Developed with direct feedback from trade allies, EVOLVE Partner Plus gives you the ability to quickly scale and enable your trade ally ecosystem. EVOLVE Partner Plus provides trade allies with the self-service tools, training, and marketing materials to maximize their affiliation with your brand and drive local economies. EVOLVE Partner Plus also facilitates deeper engagement with program staff through online chat, email, and telephone support.

Trade ally portal – promote energy programs to your customers

Empower trade allies to grow their businesses and advance your customers’ sustainability goals
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Spend time where it counts – leverage utility marketing materials

Provide trade allies with streamlined, centralized access to enrollment, training, customer engagement resources, and marketing materials
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Stay up to date – request project extensions and get concierge service

Easily drill down to the application level for status updates, request and extension, or cancel a project
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