MAPS Viewer

Data for UK distribution systems operated by Cadent Gas Limited
MAPS Viewer data for UK distribution systems

MAPS Viewer

MAPS Viewer data provide free information concerning the UK Pipe network. The data is for the distribution systems operated by Cadent Gas Limited

What you get with MAPS Viewer

  • Gas mains and plant records for Cadent Gas Limited distribution network published via digital download
  • Background geography for the maps, provided by Ordnance Survey's Landline range of mapping solutions

Key benefits of MAPS Viewer

  • Can be installed on any PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
    (Please note that this application may run but is not officially supported on Microsoft operating systems later than Windows XP)
  • Run MAPS Viewer from a local hard disk, with data optionally installed or read from digital download
  • Contact details of network owners’ offices shown in 'dial-before-you-dig' function – crucial in obtaining copies of latest plans before work is to be carried out in the vicinity of any plant
  • Application support helpdesk 9am-5pm weekdays UK time
    (, Tel.: +44 1509 282800)

The download will be updated and availalbe by 10th of the month in January, April, July and October.
Please note: DNV does not provide data on behalf of Scotia/Southern Gas Networks, Northern Gas Networks or Wales & West Utilities.

More information

How to subscribe to MAPS Viewer

DNV provides MAPS Viewer Data via digital download for the Distribution Networks owned by Cadent Gas Limited

UK Gas Network Operators

Geographical area for each Network. Gas Mains and Plant Data for distribution and transmission networks

Dial Before You Dig

'Safe Digging' services are provided by each Network Owner

MAPS Viewer FAQs

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MAPS Viewer - Installation Instructions

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