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MAPS Viewer FAQs

Frequently asked questions about MAPS Viewer

  1. Why am I getting an out of date warning message when I have just updated MAPS Viewer?
    MAPS Viewer will check the PC for data before looking to the disc. If you have previously loaded data onto the PC and not updated it with the new information this could be the cause of the message. Either remove the old data or update it with the latest release.
  2. Why won’t the ‘dig’ icon show?
    The dig icon will only appear if you have installed data from more than one network owners. Once you have more than one company’s information loaded on to the PC then the dig icon will appear so you can launch an alternative session to display the second owner.
  3. ‘Tile Not Found In Current Owner Index’ Message
    Although MAPS Viewer covers the majority of the network, there are tiles that are not included in the system. If you need to check on the plant that may exist in these tiles then contact the relevant network owner's ‘dial before you dig’ team.
  4. I can view the data from one Network Owner but nothing is showing from the other?
    You will need to run one install for each of the Network Owners who supply your information. Check the copyright details on the front of each disc to see which companies own the discs you receive. When you start a MAPS Viewer session you should be asked to select which owning company you wish to look at. Once in this session, press the ‘dig’ icon to open up other sessions for different network owners.
  5. When I first open a map, I get a message about the Index file being out of date
    This happens if the software is out of date. You should ALWAYS install the MAPS software from the latest Mains and Plant disc. If you have not yet received your new Mains and Plant discs, you can just click the Close button on the error message and continue working. You should load the software from the latest discs as soon as they arrive.
  6. I see a warning message about administration rights during the installation
    Certain files need to be registered during the installation process. MAPS Viewer will not function correctly if this does not happen. The install program will check if you have enough privileges on your PC to register these components. If you see this message you will need to ask an administrator to install MAPS Viewer for you. Contact your company’s IS service.
  7. The street search is not showing any data
    The street gazetteers are not definitive street listings and if a search does not find the street name it may still appear in MAPS. The recommended search option is to use grid reference searches. The street gazetteers are separate for each Network Owner and need to be installed individually. Confirm that the location you are seeking is in the area for the Network you are currently viewing. Open MAPS Viewer and select the appropriate Network Owner and repeat the search.
  8. Nothing happens when I run MAPS Setup
    The most likely explanation for this is a faulty disc. Contact the Application Support Help Desk for a replacement
  9. The Automatic Installation and Uninstall options are disabled
    These options are only available if you have previously installed the MAPS software. If this is your first MAPS installation, select the Custom Installation option on the Install Type screen, then select the appropriate options on the Install Options screen.
  10. I'm not allowed to change the install locations
    If you have previously installed the MAPS Software, the current installation is an upgrade, so you must install to the same location as previously. You are therefore unable to change the install locations on the Installation Directories screen. To install to a new location, you must first uninstall the MAPS software. When you reinstall, you will be able to specify a new install location.
  11. When I run the MAPS Software I briefly see a black DOS screen flash up, then nothing else happens
    This is usually due to a problem registering the MAPS components during installation. Try re-running the installation, then clicking the Directories... button on the Install Type screen. Once on the Installation Directories screen, click the Register MAPS Components... button. If all the components registration messages report success, try running the MAPS Software again. If any error messages are reported, you should try logging into your machine as an administrator, and re-run the installation process. If you are still unable to run the MAPS software, contact Application Support.
  12. When I run the MAPS Software, I get a message saying "Errors have occurred and are being reported by Partial Error Handler - please check log file for full details"
    There are a number of possible causes for this:
    - You are running the MAPS software by double-clicking MAPS.exe on the disc
    - It is no longer possible to run the software direct from the disc
    - You must now always install the software to your machine before running MAPS
    - Your shortcut is pointing to an old version of MAPS
    - Make sure that the shortcut that you are running MAPS from is pointing at the location to which you installed the software

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