KFX areas of use

Problems KFX™ can solve include:

mitigation of LNG hazards, simulation of dense gas dispersion and optimization of passive fire protection layout

Mitigation of LNG hazards

Accidental releases of cryogenic liquids pose a serious threat to personnel and assets. Structures exposed to cryogenic liquid may fracture or fail due to rapid cooling and the cold dense vapor cloud will expose the surroundings to explosion and fire risks.

With KFX computational fluid dynamics software the complete chain of events following a release of LNG can be simulated. This makes KFX an efficient tool for design and optimization of cryogenic spill protection and other mitigation measures.

Dispersion of dense gas - CO2 dispersion

KFX software has proven to be an efficient tool for accurate simulations of dense gas dispersion in complex terrains. One field where KFX has been successfully utilized is for safety analysis of CO2 storage and transport.

Storage and transport of large volumes of CO2 is common at various industrial facilities. As CO2 is denser than air, an accidental release will follow the ground and may displace the air, posing an immediate fatal threat to humans.

A KFX analysis including simulations of various release scenarios will provide a sound basis for defining safety distances and making emergency plans.

Optimization of passive fire protection - PFP

Optimization of PFP layout based on a site-specific KFX analysis will in most cases lead to significant reductions in cost and weight compared to standard pre-accepted solutions, with no reduction in safety level.

A KFX analysis will determine both the extent of the high intensity fire zone and the detailed heat flux distribution to equipment structures. The KFX methodology includes running a large number of fire simulations to cover all fire scenarios with a frequency higher than the risk tolerance criterion.

For an even more comprehensive analysis, the KFX results can directly be used as input to a structural response tool to assess structural deformation or collapse.

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