Ship management, operations and ship design

Ship management, operations and ship design

Data smart ship management and operations with ShipManager and Navigator. Efficient ship design with Nauticus
Navigator and ShipManager software for the maritime industry

Ship management and operations

The maritime industry is reliant upon the best software solutions in order to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve the bottom line. We have positioned ourselves as a leading software supplier for shipping companies worldwide, with 300 customers and more than 6000 vessels using our maritime software for technical as well as operational performance.

Ship design

We offer a comprehensive package for strength assessment of hulls and design tools for machinery and propulsion systems. Nauticus Hull and GeniE have been developed to support the latest DNV rules and IACS Common Structural Rules (CSR) for prescriptive and finite element method (FEM) calculations.


Marine fleet management and ship management system

Navigator Port

Port clearance document management


Ship design and verification software