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Switching and Contingency

Find the best possible switching configuration for your system

Switching and Contingency is a set of software tools for developing and validating contingency switching plans and for finding the best possible switching configuration for your system. Contingency reporting is comprehensive, allowing you a clear view of the order in which devices should be operated.

What you get

  • Comprehensive tool for developing and validating contingency switching plans
  • Allows you to find best possible switching configuration using modelled three-phase switches
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the model
  • Recovery plans for switching based on selected objectives

Safe system operation, optimal switching

Your switching configuration is an important and dynamic part of your distribution system. Proper switching is essential for safe system operation and maintenance, as well as recovery during outage events. Switching and Contingency provides realistic switching plans because it relies on a local optimization technique, rather than a global approach. Global methods, which open every switch and then attempt to close them in an optimal topology, may produce unfeasible plans requiring dozens of switching operations. Switching and Contingency, however, assumes the system is already close to an optimal state and fine-tunes based on available switching pairs.

With Switching and Contingency software you can

  • Run single or multiple contingencies, including single contingencies “one-at-a-time” in batch mode
  • Select the pickup objective for restoring service, along with voltage and loading constraints
  • Specify how Synergi Electric treats different types of switchable devices, including normal switches, automatic switches, and protective devices
  • Simulate a sustained fault condition by initially opening switches necessary to isolate the outage
  • Save the suggested recovery plan as an external Switch Position file, which you can load into your model at a later time for a more detailed study. Switch Position files automatically configure switches and protective devices as specified in the file, making it easier to evaluate the effects of plan implementation
  • Examine effect that the device operations will have on system voltages and loading, step by step
  • Get an overall view of the contingency situation with convenient “before and after” maps of the simulation
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