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The DNV Synergi Electric Consulting experts utilize industry best practices, combining electric grid engineering domain knowledge with product-based software solutions to help you maximize your return on investment and get the software solution in place.

Building an accurate model of your electrical distribution network

No one builds electric analysis models as well as the DNV Consulting team. With over 20 years of experience and more than 100 model building projects, we’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the challenges, pros & cons, dos & don’ts of manipulating spatial and business data to generate quality engineering analysis models of electric distribution systems. Working with the full range of available data sources, DNV can provide highly automated model build solutions from single circuit models to large master models of entire service territories. 

Creating accurate load profiles for timestamp and time-series studies

Accurate load profiles are critical to understanding the behaviour of the electrical distribution network. DNV’s Consulting team provides design and scripting services to develop model build solutions that blend customer metering data with other measured data. In this way, we build accurate load models used for peak load, minimum load studies, timestamped and time-series analysis, with the inclusion of secondary circuitry and equipment.

Enhancing models to facilitate advanced analysis

The Synergi Electric load flow model can be enhanced with data from additional sources to facilitate further analyses and advanced studies. We help utilities integrate their Synergi Electric models with data such as OMS, SCADA data, smart meter data (AMI) and DER records to support the use of advanced analysis applications such as reliability analysis, DER studies and the full range of timeseries analysis options in Synergi Electric.

Automating planning processes

DNV’s Consulting team provides expert guidance and scripting services for automation of planning processes in Synergi Electric. Several powerful tools, including Python, Visual Basic, SQL and Synergi’s Solver COM engine can be used to automate the majority of standard planning processes. Engineers get the information they require to make decisions without multiple models and analysis interactions, improving the efficiency and standardization of planning studies across the organization.

Assessing Hosting Capacity and impact of DER

Many utilities are moving toward production of Hosting Capacity data for their customers to help improve siting of new distributed energy resources. DNV’s team assists utilities with the automation and execution of Hosting Capacity analyses across the entire distribution system, producing results that are customized to the utility’s data presentation standards. DNV can also provide support for the development of standardized interconnection study analysis, integrating with online tools and other data sources. 

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