Design your jacket or jack-up

Sesam is a world-renowned structural engineering software tool for structural design analysis of offshore and maritime structures. Sesam for jackets provides structural analysis that includes the load effects from hydrodynamic analysis and non-linear pile/soil analysis. The results allow engineers to assess the structural integrity of an asset, whether this involves deflections, forces, stresses, code-check results or fatigue.

An efficient design iteration process

  • Structural analysis of jackets, jack-ups, subsea templates including their topside, flare-boom and module. From global beam models to detailed plate/beam models, to refined connections including curved shells
  • Concept modelling and automated processes in Sesam support your need for fast design iterations, removing the necessity of re-modelling to create a code-check report on a new structural analysis
  • The relevant loads are from structural and equipment weight, wave, current and wind loads, temperature, accelerations and applied loads like point mass and point/line/surface loads
  • Linear static and dynamic structural, eigenvalue, tension/compression only, linear buckling and P-delta analyses may be performed based on the Finite Element methodology. The loads from pile and soil come from an integrated non-linear pile/soil analysis
  • The dynamic analysis capabilities include stochastic (frequency-domain), spectral (time-domain) and irregular time-domain
  • The offshore code-check standards API/AISC, ISO/Eurocode, NORSOK/Eurocode are supported – the reporting may be graphical or tabular
  • A single model and workspace can be used for all phases from initial to final design, as well as for transportation, installation, modifications, repair and life extension
  • It is possible to import data from other FEA software or CAD systems, allowing you to re-use legacy files




Key benefits of Sesam software for jackets and jack-up structures

  • Complete solution: Sesam software for jackets and jack-ups covers the structural analysis needed during the construction, transportation, installation and in-place phases of jackets, jack-ups and their topsides, flare-booms and modules
  • Easy to learn: an intuitive and consistent user interface that integrates graphical modelling, analysis, code-checking, post-processing, re-design, fatigue and reporting
  • Continuous market-driven development: Sesam is known for its development based on input from market customers 
  • Convenient: purchase online with your credit card and receive immediate access
  • Tailored to needs: 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days short-term leases are available through our digital sales channel, Veracity. More extended license periods are provided through our regional sales network.
  • Get the most out of your license: software training on-demand, delivered 100% online
  • 24-hour support services from experienced support staff across the globe 
  • Take advantage of our unique expertise: Sesam is supported by DNV’s extensive experience in the offshore and maritime industry
  • Trusted partner: used by the industry worldwide for more than 50 years for design and verification of fixed and floating assets in offshore wind, oil and gas, and maritime industries

What is included:

Sesam package - jackets
Sesam package - jackets
Sesam Manager – Manage the workflow
Sesam package - jackets
GeniE – Conceptual modelling, code-checking of beams and plates
Sesam package - jackets
Wajac – Wave loads on frame structures
Sesam package - jackets
Splice – Structure-pile-soil interaction
Sesam package - jackets
Sestra – Solver for linear statics and dynamics

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