Effective management of risk in hazardous operations

Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) is a method for assessing risks associated with hazardous events in process operations. By evaluating the likelihood and severity of potential loss of containment scenarios, QRA delivers reliable and quantifiable risk results.

The QRA approach helps organizations make informed decisions, managing risks to levels that are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). QRA also facilitates compliance with safety regulations and identifies key areas for safety improvements. This focus is essential for maintaining operational safety and safeguarding personnel and the environment.

Our QRA software solution, Safeti, equips professionals with the tools to understand the consequences and risks of process safety hazards. More importantly, it aids in prioritizing areas for risk reduction, facilitating the balance between safety and profitability in business operations.

Our consequence and risk solutions - Phast, Safeti, KFX and EXSIM - give you confidence

Ensure the safety not only of your facility but of the people who depend on it.

Safeti - Consequence and risk simulation software

Safeti incorporates our Phast consequence analysis software and calculates risk based on user-provided leak frequencies, ignition data, weather data, populations and vulnerability data.

Safeti includes Phast and is great for:

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DNV has a global network of experienced consultants specialising in Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRAs), providing thorough analysis and expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.

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