Atmospheric dispersion modelling software providing you with more detailed and accurate consequence results

Atmospheric dispersion modelling software

When you conduct a typical plant hazard analysis, it usually involves several hazardous streams containing mixtures of chemicals. The properties of the constituent materials can behave differently when released to the atmosphere. For example, more volatile compounds will flash into the gaseous phase and less volatile compounds will rainout and form a pool on the ground. These changes can significantly affect the calculated hazard ranges associated with the mixture and should be accounted for. The Multi-Component extension allows you to rigorously model mixtures and reflect how their inherent properties (e.g. volatility or density) can affect the associated hazard potential.

The atmospheric dispersion modelling software enables accurate and rigorous modelling of mixtures, providing you with more detailed and accurate consequence results.

What you get with the Phast Multi-Component Extension:

  • DNV’s vast expertise and knowledge on atmospheric dispersion modelling integrated into a software tool
  • An extension to the core Phast program that facilitates advanced modelling of multi-component mixture releases
  • More detailed and realistic results for atmospheric dispersion modelling in comparison to the standard approach of Phast

Key benefits of DNV's software for atmospheric dispersion modelling:

  • Improved source term modelling of two-phase mixtures for many of the Phast discharge models, including catastrophic rupture, leak, line rupture, relief valve and disc rupture
  • Improved phase composition calculation accuracy for dispersing clouds comprising mixtures
  • Calculates vaporization rates of multiple components for a mixture vaporizing from a pool
  • Enhanced multi-component property system that utilizes various equations of state with intuitive definition of process streams

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