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Software access

Log in to Navigator Port Shore monitoring portal to keep track of ship certificates and documents. You can also monitor your fleet's work and rest hours compliance according to the MLC and STCW code requirements. 

24/7 support

DNV experts only

Little to no wait time

Customer support

Contact our customer care team in your preferred way.


Please be as detailed as possible with your issue and provide screenshots if applicable.


Phone - General support
Our team is ready to support with any issues you may have.

Norway: +47 6757 81 81
Business hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm (UTC+1 winter / UTC+2 summer)

Phone - Business critical support
Please only use this number for critical and/or out of hours support queries.

Germany: +49 381 673113 911
Business hours: 24/7 (outside above local times)


Alternatively you can submit, review and close your service requests using our self-service online portal.


Remote desktop support
If our customer care team has asked you to access Team Viewer, please click here.

Member area

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Member area - EMEA region

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