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Navigator Port has made preparing documents for port calls so much easier. A few clicks and they are ready, saving us time and hassle. And because DNV actively checks with agents and authorities, these templates are always up to date, resulting in accurate submissions. Another great feature of the software is the up-to-date port and country information, which allows us to make informed decisions.

  • Captain Anand Paltanwale ,
  • Fleet Manager, QHSE ,
  • Anglo-Eastern Tanker Management (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Digital port and crew managment

Integration with IT systems

Regular compliance updates and news

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Worldwide vessel movement has increased by five times compared to just 10 years ago. This causes multiple port calls within a short period of time, resulting in many more port papers and even more complex port processes. Three ports a day is not unusual. Crew fatigue increases while there is even less time available to prepare for entering the next port. ​

In addition, continuous logs for all business-critical activities are becoming ever more important, and more complex. Every Master calls for assistance. ​

Navigator Port answers the call.

Management of port and crew papers made quick and easy​

A Master's day is getting ever more complex, filled with thousands of documents and processes. Navigator Port reverses this trend by providing forms and port papers pre-filled with ship information and crew data. At every port you save time and money by: ​
  • reducing the risk of fines or costly delays due to data compliance issues​
  • reducing paperwork by 90%​
  • giving you guaranteed weekly updates of nautical information, regulatory requirements and port forms​
On top of these features, the solution offers:​
  • standardization of your entire fleet data, collecting of data from other software​
  • electronic reporting directly to authorities, i.e. eNOAD, NVMC, ePAN etc.​
  • free subscription to nautical publications by IMO, IHS, ADMIRALITY and others​
  • coverage of environmental requirements/forms, i.e. air pollution, ballast, waste

​Secure e-logging vessel operations

E-Logs are a single source of truth for logging all business-critical information. ​They support improved decision-making both onshore and offshore and allow for better planning due to continuous updates. 

With E-Logs by Navigator Port you get a cyber protected, easy-to-use single application for all logs.

Full IT integration at all times​

Navigator Port offers full API integration with any available IT system, giving you a solution that's so quickly implemented it's virtually 'plug & play'. 

Drawing from 20+ years of experience, DNV offers state-of-the-art interfaces for today and tomorrow. ​

Compliance is key ​

Prevent fatigue incidents and achieve compliance wherever you go: Navigator Work & Rest automatically calculates and checks Non-Conformities based on various regulations (MLC, ILO, STCW etc.). 

An advanced analytic integration allows data-driven decisions based on insights from non-compliance data. Additionally, the Master can create rest hour reports in the official IMO/ILO format for signing.​

Expert insights: DNV meets HPA

In our first episode, dive into the forefront of digital ports when Dr. Phanthian Zuesongdham, representing Hamburg Port Authority, shares her experiences and insights on Hamburg's digital journey with Torsten Kappel from DNV Digital Solutions.

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