Offshore QRA

A methodology that can be used to improve offshore safety
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Offshore safety and offshore QRA

Offshore oil and gas reserves continue to be explored and produced. New installations, extension of life for old installations and novel approaches such as Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities (FLNG) continue to be developed to meet the world’s growing energy demands. The nature of hydrocarbon extraction facilities are such that complex operations, chemical processes and logistics take place in remote locations on densely populated and spatially restricted assets. Handling large quantities of high energy products at high pressures can unfortunately lead to risk to life on a large scale on the installation and risk to the environment on a potentially catastrophic scale when things go wrong, not to mention the broader economic impact.

Safeti Offshore - Offshore QRA

A formal, structured and systematic approach for conducting an offshore QRA analysis

Safeti Offshore Viewer - QRA results

Dynamic viewer for offshore quantitative risk analysis