As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, pipeline networks find themselves at the forefront of this transformation. Traditional pipelines, primarily designed to transport fossil fuels, are now being repurposed to accommodate energy carriers such as hydrogen and ammonia, as well as carbon dioxide, to support carbon capture and storage. 

The changing landscape demands a comprehensive understanding of the unique properties and characteristics of these emerging fluids, as well as the necessary adjustments to transportation, storage, and distribution systems.

Pipeline - asset integrity, network planning, control room

DNV’s software solutions equip pipeline operators with the necessary insights to navigate the transition from disruption to growth, enabling them to embrace their role as an integral part of the solution.

How can DNV help pipeline operators as they decarbonize?

DNV's integrity solutions and hydraulic modelling tools help operators confidently make assessments and decisions. 

They help evaluate various factors such as the demand for energy capacity from end users, supply availability, determination of an acceptable conversion cost compared to a new-build option (or alternative transportation method), the consequences for end users, the required pipeline life, asset replacement planning, and more.  

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1. Modelling Hydrogen, Ammonia, CO2, and biomethane networks  

DNV’s hydraulic modelling and simulation tools, Synergi Gas, Synergi Pipeline Simulator, and Synergi Liquid, leverage the link between planning, maintenance and operations through steady-state and transient analysis offering robust and reliable volumetric, thermal, and compositional balance capabilities. 

The tools are ideal for modelling gases of different compositions, including natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen blends within the same network. 

Great for:

  • Modelling gas blending, and deblending 
  • Modelling 100% pure hydrogen networks 
  • Modelling variations in energy supply and demand 
  • Sectorization and sector isolation
  • Performing energy modelling and Gas Quality Tracking linked to end-user billing 
  • Monitoring gas quality and blending from multiple sources in realtime
  • Linepack calculations to reduce unaccounted for gas with a diverse energy mix
  • Leak detection and real-time monitoring of entire system pressures, inventories, and flows, and ensuring continued operations within the required phase envelope 
  • Predicting future pressure, inventory, and energy changes as a result of forecast demand, supply shortfall, or planned equipment outage
  • Training control room operators to understand changes in asset behavior as a result of varying energy mixes or control changes, using a realistic flight-simulator style operator training and qualification tool

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Explore our Hydraulic modelling tools

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Pipeline - Hydraulic modelling tools

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2. Assessing risks and network integrity to transport hydrogen, RNG and CO2 

The evolving energy mix puts greater pressure on gas network operators to ensure transparency, flexibility, and zero tolerance for failure across all service delivery assets. 

Whether repurposing existing assets or building new networks to scale for hydrogen, RNG or CO2, DNV’s integrity and risk management software helps operators assess the safety and feasibility of pipelines for the new energy mix. 

It integrates operations, repairs, maintenance activities, inspections, threats, consequences, and other critical data to aid decision-making and provides the confidence and certainty needed by pipeline operators.

Great for:

  • Evaluating asset readiness for energy transition through integrity and risk modelling
  • Assessing risk and remaining life for assets with blended H2 & RNG 
  • Performing what-if risk scenarios to evaluate alternative pipe material properties and product-blending options 
  • Developing multi-year asset replacement master plans
  • Determine where more advanced defect assessment may be needed for conversion
  • Assessing consequences and risks for transporting hazardous chemicals

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Pipeline - Risk and integrity tools

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Synergi Pipeline

Versatile pipeline risk and integrity management solution

Synergi Gas

Steady state and time varying simulations for analysis of complex networks

Synergi Pipeline Simulator

Transient flow simulation for both liquid and gas transmission pipelines

Synergi Liquid

Liquid modelling software for complex liquid networks

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