Leveraging subject matter expertise to simplify complexity

DNV’s strong pedigree, associations, domain expertise, and strong R&D feed into our software to provide “peace of mind” to customers seeking to develop and operate their hydrogen and CCUS infrastructure.

Cascade Mobile - Cascade capabilities made mobile through integrated field units

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Digitalization and the energy transition are the two megatrends of our time. Together, they are driving a relentless quest for efficiencies, and that, in turn, creates a growing need to ensure that efficiency gains do not compromise safety. 

DNV has been at the forefront of industry research, establishing standards and procedures for operating low-carbon infrastructures and pipelines. We are focused on helping us and our stakeholders to understand rapid and deep changes in the energy landscape.

  • Around 5% of our annual revenue is invested in research and development. We use this to foster collaboration, solve pan-industry challenges and provide foresight and insights into future trends and technologies 
  • We have been involved in developing game-changing technologies across the sector and we share our knowledge through our library of more than 170 industry standards, recommended practices and technologies
  • We execute more than 30 joint industry projects at any time
  • We operate laboratories in eight locations spread across three continents and we validate our software solutions based on large-scale experiments at these laboratories

The innovation partner to the energy industry

Collaboration is the key to developing innovative, impactful solutions to shared challenges. Joint industry projects are, therefore, vital mechanisms linking DNV to the industry companies to co-create technological solutions and common rules, standards and guidelines.  

Learn more about our latest collaborative projects in oil and gas here.

Validated software solutions

DNV’s software solutions are a testament to our strong pedigree and domain expertise. Developed by a team of subject matter experts and backed by robust R&D, the software solutions are reliable, accurate and continuously updated to reflect the latest scientific research and industry best practices so customers can make informed decisions about the safe and effective deployment of low-carbon networks. 

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Software solutions for the entire value chain:

Explore the power of digitalization for decarbonization

Digital tools for the production and use of hydrogen, ammonia, and CO2

Assessing consequence and risk for a safe energy transition.

Digital tools for efficient pipeline transport of hydrogen, ammonia, CO2, and biomethane

Ensuring fit-for-purpose pipelines for a safe energy transition.