Supporting asset life extension and conversions

Explore how innovative DNV’s digital tools and technologies can support the life extension of critical assets and conversions.

Supporting asset life extension and conversions

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The changing energy landscape, evolving investment priorities and escalating political pressures are significantly impacting the construction of new oil and gas assets worldwide. As a result, there is a growing emphasis on asset life extension and conversions, whether it be liquids to gas, gas to hydrogen, or complete repurposing of systems to support CCUS.   

DNV offers world-leading software solutions for operators seeking to understand, model and manage systems related to the production, processing, transportation, and storage of ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and natural gas. Given that the achievement of successful asset life extension and conversion initiatives relies on precise and timely inputs, operators need accurate, up-to-date models to facilitate the analysis required to operate their energy systems safely and efficiently.  

Backed by robust R&D and built by a team of domain experts, our validated software solutions help energy companies: 

  • Conduct feasibility studies for repurposing their distribution systems and pipelines to introduce hydrogen or carbon dioxide 
  • Conduct risk assessment and safety studies to understand additional risks of introducing different gas blends, e.g. hydrogen, to the mix 
  • Systematically risk assess various asset types to understand and prioritize risks across systems
  • Evaluate and compare various maintenance strategies and timing
  • Prioritize operational budgets for life extension 
  • Model different transition scenarios to understand the impacts of introducing different fluids, gases or blends
  • Track and report methane emissions leaks, thereby simplifying regulatory compliance and assessing the potential environmental and business impacts of potential leaks

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