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Safer, smarter, trustier control room operations with Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s OQ Manager and Trainer

Equip your control room operators to handle any scenario and achieve peak performance with cutting-edge training solutions.

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The control room landscape is constantly evolving, demanding highly skilled and adaptable operators. Both new and experienced operators need diverse skills and confidence to handle abnormal operating conditions, incidents, and changes. However, traditional training methods often fall short, leaving gaps in knowledge and failing to adequately replicate real-world complexities, leading to inefficient operations, lost revenue and even safety hazards. 

This exclusive webinar delves into the challenges and focuses on the solution: leveraging a modern, realistic Operator Training Simulator (OTS) tool, such as Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s Operator Qualification Manager (OQM) module, to help train and maintain your staff to appropriate levels and demonstrate competence in line with HSE and legislative requirements. 

Watch the webinar to explore:

  • The evolving landscape of control room operations and the challenges it presents.
  • How traditional training methods fall short and the consequences.
  • Overcoming operational challenges with the right OTS tools, like Synergi Pipeline Simulator's OQM module, that deliver:
    • Realistic simulations: Replicate real-world scenarios, fostering critical decision-making under pressure.
    • Efficient training management: Simplify scheduling, reporting, and auditing with user-friendly tools.
    • Compliance assurance: Demonstrate operator competence and meet regulatory requirements.

This exclusive webinar recording includes a demo of our multi-session, browser-based Operator Qualification Manager module, and concludes with a Q&A session.