Pipeline Insights 2023 – Navigating from transitions to growth

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Few commodities have shaped our world and advanced civilization as profoundly as oil and gas. Today, as the world is underway one of its most significant transformations ever, the transition to a sustainable and decarbonized future, the oil and gas industry and, by extension, the pipeline sector stand at the forefront of this revolution.

But what pivotal shifts and challenges define the landscape of the pipeline industry today? How will the energy transition play out in this sector over the coming years? What are the immediate priorities to establish momentum? Which strategies are considered to be the most impactful, investable and executable? What are the significant challenges in transforming the pipeline networks to suit the new energy mix?

Pipeline Insights 2023 explores these and other crucial questions. Now in its third year, the “Pipeline Insights 2023” report is drawn from this year’s Energy Insights report “TRILEMMA AND TRANSITION,” an industry benchmark study on the outlook for the entire energy industry. To gain an understanding of the distinct preferences and perspectives within the pipeline sector, Pipeline Insights examines the responses of the 480+ senior oil and gas professionals who participated in the global study and then delves deeper into the responses and insights from a subset of 81 pipeline professionals.

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Key trends captured in the report:

  1. Propelling the transition
  2. Energy trilemma - a balancing act
  3. Breaking down barriers to growth
  4. Navigating uncertainty through diversification strategies
  5. Digitalization drives smarter energy systems

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