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Time-dependent analysis for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)/biomethane modelling

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Learn more about the power of time-dependent analysis as applied to modelling biomethane/Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

The energy mix is changing. The ‘greening’ of gas networks through biomethane/ RNG blending is rapidly accelerating as the emphasis on reducing carbon emissions increases. Further, biomethane blending takes advantage of existing energy infrastructure, making it one of the most promising renewable gases today.  

But what when the supply is greater than the demand? In one of our earlier webinars, “Gas Distribution: Modelling for Biogas and Biomethane”, DNV experts explored potential ways to bring RNG/biomethane into a distribution network that did not have sufficient “space” to accept it. They also proposed that Synergi Gas could be used to model where the various gases of differing energy content flowed.   

In this webinar, we demonstrate how those theoretical examples could be accomplished in Synergi Gas.  Watch the recording to see Kevin Hemingway, Product Manager – Synergi Gas, discuss how time-dependent analysis can be used optimally when modelling for biomethane/RNG.  


  • Methods for modelling biomethane/ RNG injection 
  • Quasi-dynamic modelling 
  • Transient modelling 
  • Energy (thermal) demands vs volumetric demands 
  • Heat content tracing 
  • Initial investigation of adding compression 

The discussion concludes with a Question & Answer session.  

Synergi Gas webinar series

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Gas distribution - Modelling for biogas and biomethane

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