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Unlocking the dimensions of data quality for pipeline integrity

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Watch the panel discussion focusing on the dimensions of pipeline data quality and on establishing a strong foundation for pipeline integrity management

Data Quality Matters 

As pipeline operations become more digitalized, important business decisions are increasingly dependent on data analysis and modelling. Bad data costs pipeline companies more than just wasted time and resources resolving issues. It also impacts operating expenses, compliance, and potentially the company’s reputation.  

But data quality is not a one-time process, in fact, it is a dedicated and continuous process. Hence to ensure data is trustworthy, it is vital to understand the critical dimensions of data quality and be aware of how they impact pipeline integrity management.  

To give you insights into these topics and to help you unlock the full value of your pipeline data, DNV brought together a panel of experts who shared their learnings and experiences. 

In this panel discussion, our experts discussed:  

  • The value of good data on pipeline integrity management 
  • The 6 critical dimensions of data quality for pipeline integrity management 
  • Associated consequences 
  • Identifying and prioritizing actions to ensure optimal results 

The discussion includes real-world examples and concludes with a Question & Answer session. 

Meet the panellists: 

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