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Synergi Gas & Synergi Pipeline

Unique solutions to enable and simplify compliance to the PIPES Act 2020

Combining the power of risk, integrity, and hydraulic analysis

With the combined powers of Synergi Gas Regulator Station Impact Assessment and Synergi Pipeline’s Regulator Station Risk Model, DNV is in a unique position to help our customers comply with the Protecting Our Infrastructure of Pipelines and Enhancing Safety (PIPES) Act of 2020 passed by PHMSA on December 27, 2020. 

The PIPES Act 2020 requires that all Distribution Integrity Management Plans (DIMP) include an evaluation of risks that could lead to over-pressurization. The act mandates gas pipeline operators to address methane emissions and the replacement or remediation of pipeline facilities that are susceptible to leaks or failure. Consequently, gas distribution operators must take proactive measures to assess and minimize the risk of overpressure, monitor and document their emissions, and regularly update inspection and maintenance plans.

Leveraging the pairing of a powerful risk analysis tool with robust hydraulic network analyses, our solutions enable gas operators to assess the impact and magnitude of over-pressurization events and feed these results into a risk analysis tool for further assessment and prioritization. The pairing of risk analysis and hydraulic products creates a unique solution with increased value for both system planners and integrity engineers.    

With the unique advantage from DNV, gas network operators can: 
  • Properly assess modes of failure; leak/rupture, over pressurization, and outage and various consequence categories 
  • Evaluate the consequence and impact to customers  
  • Identify the highest risk regulator stations, and in comparison, to other assets for systemwide risk reduction scenario evaluation 
  • Prioritize ongoing maintenance, replacement, and future design based on the risk and condition of each station

Understand the downstream consequences with Synergi Gas Regulator Station Impact Assessment 

Synergi Gas Regulator Station Impact Assessment includes the Overpressure Analysis and Outage Analysis. Together they help better understand the downstream consequences of both planned and unplanned events.   

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Assessing and mitigating risk of failure of pressure regulating stations with Synergi Pipeline  

The results from the Overpressure analysis application can be used in conjunction with DNV’s Synergi Pipeline Regulator Station Risk model to provide a comprehensive overview of not just the probability of failure, but also the downstream consequences. When used in conjunction with DNV’s other probabilistic models, it provides broader enterprise risk visibility of the regulator station risk liability vs other asset classes such as Mains, Services, etc. 

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Regulator Station Modelling – Effective Risk and Overpressurization Management

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Combining integrity and hydraulic analysis to manage the risk of pressure regulator stations

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