Combining integrity and hydraulic analysis to manage the risk of pressure regulator stations

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Learn how to take your management of risk to the next level using the Regulator Station Impact Assessment service.

While modern gas regulator stations are highly advanced, they are not without vulnerabilities that can pose a significant risk to the safety and reliability of operators. Utilities are under constant pressure to demonstrate that they are operating their systems at the highest level of safety, compliance, and efficiency.  

By combining the powers of Synergi Gas’ Regulator Station Impact Assessment and Synergi Pipeline’s Regulator Station Risk Model, DNV provides gas operators provide a comprehensive overview of not just the probability of failure, but also the downstream consequences. The pairing of risk analysis and hydraulic products creates a unique solution with increased value for both system planners and integrity engineers.   

Watch the webinar recording to know more about a comprehensive approach to risk assessment: leveraging hydraulic and integrity analysis for holistic management of overpressurization and regulator station failure. 

This exclusive, knowledge-rich webinar delves into various aspects including:  

  •  An overview of regulator station risks 
  • A refresher to Synergi Gas Regulator Station Impact Assessment service
  • Consuming the results into Synergi Pipeline’s risk model  
  • Impacts and benefits of a comprehensive, multi-domain approach  


Hosted by: Kevin Hemingway, Product Manager - Synergi Gas & Synergi Water, DNV

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