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Leveraging ArcGIS to assure fitness for service of distribution and transmission pipelines

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Join experts from DNV and Esri as they come together to talk about why and how to leverage GIS to optimize the value of a pipeline integrity management system.

When it comes to managing the integrity and compliance of a pipeline, a crucial requirement is the access to readily available, accurate, and up-to-date information, including risk attributes viewed from a location-based or geographic perspective. As the risk profile of pipelines may differ along their route, it is important to ensure accurate representation of the geographical positioning data of the asset in question.

The secret to assuring fitness for service, reliability and reduced risk levels of a pipeline lies in leveraging the power of a pipeline integrity management system enriched with location-based information (GIS). Such cutting-edge solutions help you gain new business insights thereby improving decision-making, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs while enabling safe operation of the pipeline system.

This exclusive, knowledge-rich webinar delves into various aspects including:

  • Challenges and trends in managing the integrity of a gas or liquid network.
  • Role and benefits of GIS in addressing these challenges.
  • ‘Data integrity’ to achieve greater performance and informed decision-making.
  • Single source of truth for optimizing asset life and reliability = Better ROI

If you are responsible for the integrity and safety of your pipeline assets, we know you will find the webinar useful.

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