Blockage effects in WindFarmer: Analyst

How to correct bias in turbine interaction models using our new version of WindFarmer: Analyst
Wind Resource Assessment software - WindFarmer: Analyst

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It is likely that turbine interaction losses in wind energy assessments have been underestimated across the industry for decades. According to DNV’s current state of knowledge and depending on project-specific factors, previously unaccounted for turbine interaction losses related to blockage represent 0% to 4% of mean annual energy yield.

DNV introduced the consideration of this loss in its energy assessment methodology in 2018 and we are excited to have just released a new version of WindFarmer: Analyst that allows you to estimate the blockage effect in your assessments.

This webinar video describes how our Blockage Effect Estimation Tool (BEET) works and how to use it to increase the accuracy of your wind energy production assessments.