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Pipeline Integrity: Buried but not forgotten

Maintaining a holistic view of pipeline integrity by optimising inspection data and risk assessment techniques

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It’s easy to lose focus on the condition of pipelines, because they are buried and out of sight, therefore they do not get the attention that an above ground facility might be accustomed to. Also, lack of good inspection and condition monitoring philosophies also mean that issues may not be identified until it is too late. When operating budgets are reduced or resources are stretched, as we have seen in the current climate, DNV discuss how the pipeline integrity engineer can operate their pipeline’s safely by maintaining a holistic oversight of pipeline integrity by optimising inspection data, survey results and risk assessment techniques.


  • What matters to pipeline integrity and a safe operation 
  • How to optimize inspection data 
  • Best Practice: How to survey results
  • Highlights of most critical risk assessment techniques 
  • What you need to have a holistic oversight of pipeline integrity
  • Q&A

About the speaker:

Kevin Young is Principal Consultant for DNV’s Operational Risk & Integrity Management section and has over 38 years’ experience in oil & gas pipeline operations, currently based in Brisbane. He originally operated as Senior Integrity Engineer (Asset Risk Management) with British Gas, National Grid & Northern Gas Networks prior to leaving the UK with responsibility for ensuring compliance to Regulation and ensuring the integrity of Major Accident Hazard facilities through risk assessment, in-line inspection, defect management, corrosion control and emergency response.