Sesam - 2020 Edition

Dive into the newest functionalities of Sesam.

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DNV has been working tirelessly on updates in response to our customer feedback on Sesam in terms of efficiency and need for new features. We have around 70 people developing, testing and supporting Sesam every day and we have recently made a package of the developments during the last year. There are many new features delivered and some of the highlights we’d like to share are:

  • the release of Sesam Insight for collaboration around Sesam models,
  • the use of linear models in non-linear analysis,
  • automatic conversion of tubular joints to surface models,
  • much faster 2nd order hydrodynamic analyses and
  • use the motions and surface pressures from a coupled analysis in a structural analysis

Download this webinar to understand how the new releases of Sesam can improve your efficiency in hydrodynamic/structural analysis within the business segments Offshore Wind, O&G and Maritime. You will also see how we react to the feedback of our Sesam users in terms of constant improving usability, performance and new functionality – we call this customer driven development.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding of the new features
  • How new features will impact projects to gain efficiencies
  • Quality - automation of various details to increase quality
  • Productivity - get the most out of the software so you can make the best of your day

About the speaker:

  • Ole Jan Nekstad, Product Director, Sesam Ole Jan Nekstad took his M.Sc. in offshore engineering from NTH (now NTNU), Trondheim, Norway in 1981. He has since then worked for DNV and has done numerous FE analyses of ships, semi-submersibles, GBS and jackets. He joined the software part of DNV in 1989 and has since 1994 been looking after Sesam as its product director. He was project manager of the JIP “Sesam 2000” that lead to the Sesam as of today.