Phast™/Safeti 8.4 live demo - new features and better performance

Learn about the improvements and how they might affect your current and new studies

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After more than six months of development, Phast/Safeti 8.4 is almost here. This webinar video provides a demonstration of the new features and improvements so you can hit the ground running upon release.

The improvements include:

  • A new, 64-bit architecture, providing significant performance benefits, particularly for large studies
  • Explosion and thermal radiation exceedance curves where detailed results have been turned off
  • New event tree ignition report, providing immediate and delayed ignition probabilities and frequencies
  • Improvements to the GIS, making it easier to transfer data to/from other GIS such as Google Earth, ArcGIS and QGIS
  • Toxic effect contours for defined ERPG concentrations
  • Improvements to make it easier to specify long pipeline releases
  • New materials in the standard list
  • An upgrade to the 2018 version of the DIPPR database

DNV presenter: James Pickles, Product Owner for Risk Products