Smart Cities: What is the future?

Sustainable, smart cities take on challenges on many fronts

Sustainable smart cities

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Smart cities: What is the future?

What fundamental principles must be established before a city can become a Smart City? DNV talks to Gordon Falconer, Global Director Smart Cities for Schneider Electric, about the growing trend for global cities to develop ‘smart’ capabilities; what this means for its citizens; and what steps governments are taking as they look to the future.

In this engaging episode, Gordon shares his views on what being a Smart City really means; how the ASEAN cities are approaching the transition; and the challenges that they are facing. He also gives us an insight into the balance between developing green field and brown field Smart Cities; and addresses some of the factors involved in financing the projects. Finally, he discusses some of the visible and less visible signs that a city is using technology to improve the lives of its citizens.