Smart Cities - Energy transition in cities

Sustainable, smart cities take on challenges on many fronts

Smart cities - Energy transition

Welcome to the DNV talks energy podcasts. This podcast series focuses on the energy transition, digitalization and the impact of technology and data.

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What will it take for our cities to become both sustainable and carbon neutral in the future? 

Betty Seto, Head of Department for Sustainable Buildings and Communities at DNV, discusses the findings of our report, Energy Transition Framework for Cities, revealing how mid-sized cities around the world are using innovative initiatives and policies to help them to achieve their ambitious sustainability goals.

In this episode, Betty considers the seven dimensions, or habits, adopted by highly effective cities to aid them in their ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable and carbon neutral community. She reveals how many mid-sized cities are leading the way in setting ambitious targets to achieve this, and discusses the motivation behind their strategies. Betty highlights the activities of cities such as Palo Alto, US and Bristol, UK, and explains how other cities around the world can learn from their innovative approaches.