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Welcome to the DNV talks energy podcasts. This podcast series focuses on the energy transition, digitalization and the impact of technology and data.

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Bringing smart and sustainable mobility to cities 

Will we all be driving around in shared autonomous electric vehicles in the future? DNV talks to Franck Vitte, Managing Director of BlueSG, Singapore’s first electric car sharing service about the future of transportation in cities.

In this last episode of the current series, Franck explains the drivers behind BlueSG’s decision to bring shared electric vehicles to Singapore; the challenges that they have faced; and what he believes the future holds for this market. He also shares his views on why  it is the ideal place for the car sharing model; and, despite it having limited levels of renewable energy generation, why this is still the more energy efficient solution. Finally, Franck gives us an insight into the future of electric vehicles and how autonomous electric vehicles can still retain the thrill factor for the car enthusiast.