Optimizing value from assets through Asset Performance Management

Health and risk-based asset maintenance and replacement strategy with asset performance management

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Finding the optimal replacement or maintenance moment of an asset is an increasing challenge for utilities. Asset managers need to make informed and consistent decisions based on inputs such as failure data, condition data, inspection data, maintenance data and financial constraints.

Watch our webinar examining how a risk-based asset performance management strategy can help you balance performance, risks and costs, by applying maintenance and replacement best practices from utilities across the globe. We discuss how utilities can focus their asset management efforts and resources to drive down costs, meet regulatory compliance demands, reduce outages and ultimately create a technically sound plan for capital replacement programmes.


  • Grid operator and asset manager challenges, ISO 55000 compliance
  • Advanced asset lifecycle management
  • Introduction to asset performance management
  • Asset strategy and risk management and predictive asset management 
  • Health indexing, calculating time to replace and time to maintain
  • Cascade Foresight use cases, customer examples


  • Camiel Oremus, Director Advanced Grid Asset Management, DNV – Energy
  • James Mack, Regional Sales Manager, Electric Grid, DNV – Digital Solutions