Watch the video – Gas Gathering Modeling with Synergi Gas – Modeling Liquid Piping

Model gas, water and liquids in the same network view
Synegi Gas - Liquid Steady State - Liquid simulation for multiphase pipelines
Liquid simulation software

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Synergi Gas now allows you to manage both gas and liquid pipelines in the same view; a useful tool for shale gas companies and other producers.

Our Synergi Gas - Liquid Steady State module is brand new and allows you to model different types of fluids – gas, water, and hydrocarbon liquid – all in the same Synergi Gas view, increasing safety and productivity. So, if you are modeling a system that contains wet gas, injected liquids, etc., Synergi Gas (hydraulic modeling software) can now handle it all together.

By attending this webinar, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • Modeling of liquid system features alongside your gas model, like pumps, tanks, reservoirs and valves 
  • How to handle up to eight different fluid types simultaneously 
  • The basics of liquid equations of state 
  • How to manage the different unit measures for liquids and gases in your network 
  • Reporting functions for each fluid type in your network