Transport logistics with Maros RAM analysis tool

This whitepaper describes the evaluation of the effect of different logistic conditions applied to oil supply chain by using the RAM analysis tools Maros and Taro.

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How far can you go with your logistics operations?

The recent decline in tanker rates means that companies have the opportunity to expand trade beyond their regional market. For importers, the cost of trading with distant suppliers is down, making it attractive to engage with companies other than the traditional local dealers. Conversely, exporters can compete to supply to markets which were previously not feasible because of price.

However if you are an importer, how long could you wait for a cargo? If you are an exporter, how long could you wait for a ship before your storage tank is completely full? The delays in transportation could be caused by many reasons: bad weather, traffic, berth constraints and so on. Understanding the uncertainties related to transportation of products is fundamental in ensuring that companies can take advantage of new business opportunities.

Did you know that you can learn how to solve these problems with a simulation tool? 

This whitepaper describes the application of the RAM analysis tools Maros and Taro for logistics operations and refinery design. Enjoy your read!