Wind turbine noise measurements

Proven noise modelling and measurements for onshore wind farms help you meet environmental regulations and minimize project risks.

With larger turbines located closer to population centres, noise is an increasingly important issue for onshore wind farm developments. But more complex turbine designs mean estimating noise levels is more difficult than ever. This increases the risk of violating environmental regulations - endangering the long-term project development. 

Our specialist wind turbine noise measurement services help you reduce this risk. We support you at all stages of your project. This includes:

  • Estimating noise level during planning based on manufacturer’s data
  • Turbine noise modelling
  • Installing acoustic measurement equipment
  • Collecting and analysing data over extended periods
  • Helping original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) optimize turbine settings to solve noise issues

Global reach, local service
Our highly skilled acoustic measurement experts are located around the world, ready to provide fast and personal support wherever your site is located. Drawing on DNV's broad range of expertise, they work closely with you to develop a tailored noise measurement strategy. This streamlines the whole process, and ensures accurate, reliable results that will be trusted by any party.

List of flexible accredited services of GL Garrad Hassan Deutschland GmbH, Testing Laboratory no. PL-11134-01. The testing laboratory PL-11134-01 with its two locations is accredited for the flexible scope category 3. Download the list here.

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