Wind turbine control system design

Independent design and testing services that put you in control of your wind turbine control system.

The control system is the nerve centre of a wind turbine, managing each component to ensure safe and optimized operation. As turbines get larger and more complex, so must their control systems. So it is increasingly important the right design choices are made and that you can be confident your control system will work as required before it is deployed.

DNV’s wind turbine control system design services are here to help you achieve that. Drawing on our extensive experience in the turbine component supply chain and market, we offer a full range of testing and design services – including debugging third-party software. As we are completely independent of any manufacturer, you can be sure you are getting the best possible solution for your needs. What’s more, thanks to our efficient technology transfer, you are in total control of your control system.

Tailor-made service
We provide support at every stage of the control system design and testing process. You can choose from our extensive range of services to create a package tailored to your specific needs.

Control system specification

  • Turbine software concept design
    • Reviewing requirements
    • Recommending potential suppliers
    • Assessing financial and technical implications of component choices
    • Creating specification documents for required components
    • Communicating requirements to turbine engineers, designers and sales teams
  • Safety system design
    • Leading safety system design projects
    • Advice on industry best practices
    • Support in designing new safety features
    • Optimizing safety systems for maximum turbine performance

Software implementation

  • Software development
    • Creating user interfaces
    • Continuous testing including real-time turbine testing linked to different PLCs using Bladed turbine simulation tool
  • Hardware testing
    • Component testing: test pitch system, vibration monitors, grid monitors, etc
    • Debugging / sign-off tests at suppliers factory

Control system testing

  • Core software sign-off: integration and testing of all software 
  • Factory testing: full testing of software while connected to turbine hardware
  • Turbine commissioning: testing system and user interfaces, sequence control rotation, communication with SCADA system, etc

A proven partner
With over ten years’ experience in control system design and testing, we’ve performed full controller system software specification, implementation and testing for more than 30 turbine designs.

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