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Wind farm life-extension

Wind farm life-extension

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Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Senior Vice President, Renewables and Power Grids, North America

Our holistic approach to assessing wind farm assets and their life potential brings greater accuracy and adds real value for stakeholders.

Assessing a wind farm’s lifetime at different stages of its lifecycle benefits all parties in a project. An assessment right at the start of a project helps to maximize its life expectancy – and as the project ages, knowing how much life is left in the turbines allows you to develop appropriate strategies to optimize maintenance spending and potentially extend the life of the project. In all cases, accurate estimates of an asset’s lifetime help to quantify its value and ensure cost-efficient energy generation.

In-depth capability
Wind farm lifetime assessment is a complex task. But our Life-extension service helps you streamline the process and get more value from it. We can both assess the remaining lifetime of your asset and help you develop effective lifecycle strategies. As a result, you can both boost the value and output of your wind farm and keep it running as long as possible.

  • Asset lifetime assessment
    • Wind turbine fatigue life
    • Asset economic lifetime 
    • Wind farm asset integrity
    • Wind farm asset depreciation
  • Lifecycle strategies
    • Continued operation
    • Decommissioning
    • Repowering

Tailor-made service
Our flexibility allows a range of approaches, each providing you with a solid baseline to work from. Services and deliverables can be combined into tailor-made packages to suit your specific needs. These packages can include:

Adding value, globally
Combining breadth of knowledge with technical insight, our global capability is unparalleled. We take a holistic approach to evaluating your assets and their life potential that brings greater accuracy and adds real value. Our independent appraisal can help provide assurance to all stakeholders that the wind farm will deliver its expected output throughout its lifetime.

Contact us:

Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Senior Vice President, Renewables and Power Grids, North America

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