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Waste management feasibility and support

Take control of waste management challenges with DNV’s services to help choosing the optimal waste-to-energy solution for the local situation

In many emerging and upcoming economies, the amount of waste generated is rising sharply. Waste management capacity (landfill sites) may soon become exhausted. Upgrading waste treatment capacity to a sustainable infrastructure and optimal energy recovery is an important factor in the further development of such economies.

To use investments wisely, the most suitable waste treatment technology for the given circumstances must be carefully chosen. This decision is based on factors such as sustainable energy yields, recycling potential, reliability, operational costs, investment levels, compliance with pollution standards and other national and international regulations. It’s an expert area, and understanding waste management and waste-to-energy technology requires specialist know-how and support.

Choosing the right technology
DNV’s teams of specialists can help you determine whether and which waste-to-energy technology is feasible for your specific situation. Fully independent, we can give expert advice on everything pertaining to waste to energy including:
  • conventional and alternative technology solutions
  • heat outsourcing possibilities
  • anaerobe digestion
  • improving performance of existing installations
  • cost management
Tailored support
We offer a wide range of services covering both municipal solid waste and biowaste streams. These services are available as tailored packages to suit your particular needs, which can include:
  • Determining a benchmark for waste management technology
  • Client/lenders support during tendering
  • Performance review
  • Feasibility study reports
  • Tender support documents
Global reach, local understanding
Our long experience comes from international activity, on projects all round the world. This capability combines with local professionals who can understand the requirements in your particular region and/or market. We work with you side-by-side to support you in choosing the technology that’s best for your situation and in the subsequent in the tendering process.