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Asset management and optimization

DNV helps optimize the technical, process and financial performance of power, co-generation and/or CHP production assets to improve financial margins

Three key factors help you optimise the lifetime and investment strategy of your power (and water) production plant.

  1. Optimising your operational costs (OPEX)
  2. Optimising your asset investment (CAPEX)
  3. Minimising fuel consumption through improved thermal performance.

DNV is unique in covering these three cornerstones of asset performance and can help you achieve your specific performance goals. Our independent services extend all the way from identifying improvements through to post-implementation testing.

You can expect to see the benefit of greater operational performance directly in your bottom line through increased annual and lifetime financial margins.

Comprehensive optimisation assessment
Specifically, we work with you to improve electrical and thermal performance, look for opportunities to optimise (and extend) component life expectancy, and improve asset management through PAS 55 and / or ISO 55000 certification.

Combining all these into a single integrated assessment process and identifying synergies allows us to create a detailed improvement plan.

In particular, we support you by:

  • producing a thermal performance statement of heat balance and efficiency
    • based on available production data
  • providing lifecycle statements
    • based on a review of critical asset condition, use and maintenance data
  • conducting a PAS 55 or ISO 55000 review
    • providing a maturity rating for entire management of the asset and a set of recommendations.

Our experienced consultants and engineers work with you locally on site, and use proprietary and market leading modelling software tools for deeper off-site analysis.

Your outcomes
Through this combination of reviews and improvement implementation, you can expect to achieve:

  • improved thermal performance
  • reduced lifecycle costs
  • improved asset management processes
  • an optimised asset investment strategy
  • an asset improvement programme leading to quantified results