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Transmission and distribution project risk assessment

DNV offers risk management and assessment services to improve the quality of project management and control of large T&D projects.

Around the world, the size, scope and risks associated with implementing a T&D project are increasing. In Europe, there is a need to replace and strengthen the existing electricity grid. In the Middle East, the grid is being modernized to meet growing customer demand and deliver increased reliability, while African countries are starting to build up their national grids to support growing economies.

For these large projects, DNV’s experts and consultants can deliver a project risk management system that provides enhanced insight into the main risk drivers. The risk management system consists of a set of procedures that are managed by DNV throughout the course of the project on behalf of the project manager.

We lead the risk management process to identify and assess project risks and to define mitigating measures and the responsible project members. We also monitor the execution of the measures and regularly update the project’s risk register. As well as managing the system, we can also provide expert input to enhance the understanding of the risks and define suitable mitigating measures. As a result, project managers gain greater insight and have better control of project quality, performance, time and budget.

Reports and advice
We support you with reports and advice tailored to each stage of your project:

  • a project risk register containing all identified risks with monitoring of:
    • risk assessment progress, in terms of severity, chance of occurrence and impact
    • definition of mitigating measures and their timely execution
    • tracking of people responsible for risks and mitigation measures
  • risk reports for project and general management
  • due diligence reports on project quality, structure and approach as a support for FID or project financing parties
  • cost and schedule distribution reports.