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John Roadnight

John Roadnight

Senior Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

Save time and money with a robust digital tool for the rapid, optimized design of cost-effective wind turbine towers.

In today's competitive wind energy market, the pressure is constantly on to reduce costs and respond rapidly to development opportunities. This is a major challenge for tower design and manufacture, as towers constitute a significant part of the total capital cost within any installation. Effective design tools are essential to optimize key parameters, especially tower weight, and to avoid delays in the design process.

Meeting your market needs
Based on years of experience in tower design, DNV’s Tower.Architect allows you to respond quickly to market needs with designs that reduce levelized cost of energy (LCoE).

It supports you in the development and optimization of tubular wind turbine towers which meet the latest and most rigorous standards, and is particularly valuable when considering multiple applications and site-specific designs. In addition, its fast, reliable automated analyses cut the time required for set-up, calculation and verification of the results.

The tool is based on a large database of information extracted from the latest international standards and our deep experience in tower design and wind turbine engineering. It forms part of our Renewables.Architect, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization (MDAO) framework for renewables, with outputs including:

  • Optimized tower designs
  • Tower strength results
  • Documentation

A team of DNV experts continuously improves the Tower.Architect tool, so you can be sure that guidelines in future standards will be promptly implemented. Our experts can also customize the tool to your specific needs and provide training on its use as well as on tower design theory.

Independent perspective
DNV’s Tower.Architect design tool brings you the benefits of our independence as well as our proven experience. It offers you a comprehensive view of tower design solutions that cover all potential options without being limited by any particular manufacturing preferences.

Contact us:

John Roadnight

John Roadnight

Senior Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

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