Technical specifications for offshore electrical infrastructure

DNV helps offshore wind project developers draw up technical specifications for the electrical infrastructure.

Developing technical specifications for an offshore wind energy project requires specialist knowledge. Our experts bring you this know-how. DNV is involved in offshore wind at many levels from setting industry standards  to providing consultancy on real-world projects.

Hence our specialists can quickly define and deliver high-quality specification documents for your project. These can cover all types of installation and equipment, such as substations (complete package with transformers, switchgear, emergency / auxiliary power supply, and auxiliary systems), offshore power cables and cable laying.

In addition to developing specifications for tender documents, we can evaluate bidders’ offers and assist you in selecting contractors based on those bids. As a single source for support in wind energy projects, we simplify the administration, reduce the risk of errors and limit the number of contacts you have to deal with. Plus, we provide services in related areas such as supply of civil engineering through our experts worldwide.

Services from grid consent to execution
In particular, our additional services for offshore projects include assistance with inter-array grid and substation electrical design . Combined with technical specifications, these normally provide all you need to obtain grid connection consent from the TSO (once contracts with suppliers have been signed).

For the electrical equipment, our services extend from research and type testing  to support with project execution, quality assurance and failure  investigations.