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System integration analysis for wind farms

A variety of technical services ensuring your wind farm systems perform the way they were intended.

As the wind energy market matures, there is an increasing focus on testing and proving for turbine designs. Testing helps build confidence among potential buyers and investors, and gain approvals and certification. It is also a key part of the design process, helping maximize turbine performance and reliability. Meanwhile, fully integrated proving of the completed design is essential to show how the turbine will perform in different operational scenarios, before operations have commenced.

Our system integration analysis services can support you in all these tasks. Combining global experience with local teams of professionals, we offer the wide-ranging industry knowledge, technical expertise and complexity foresight to guide you through the testing and proving process. All supported by the personal attention that ensures you get exactly the level of support you need from our wide portfolio of services.

Integrated system proving
Integrated (full system) proving is all about hardware-in-the-loop testing for the turbine. We check to see if all components work together as they should. Using our Bladed turbine modelling tool, we can run the turbine control system through all the envisaged design cases as well as fault scenarios (impossible during actual operation). You can run the control system, mechanical testing for offshore turbines (large diameter systems with high performance actuators for applying torque) and grid disturbances.

In addition, we offer reactive testing to verify that control loops – including all actuators – perform as required under operational conditions.

Dynamic model identification from measurements
This looks inside an actual turbine to see if it conforms to the dynamic models used in the type certification measurement analysis. The service covers new and old turbines, and turbines in different locations/climates.

Flexible turbine data logging equipment
Our Bladed hardware test module can also be operated in an unattended data collection mode. This enables an inexpensive data logging solution via a standard industrial PC.

Supervisory control and optimization
By re-optimizing turbines for site-specific supervisory control, this service can improve energy capture whilst maintaining turbine loads within their design envelope. It creates a simulated wind field consistent with a defined 10 minute field – bridging the gap between our asset management & optimization analysis (based on 10-minute wind data) and our turbine engineering support data (from sub-1-second data).

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