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Synergi Pipeline Simulator - Statefinder

Accurate simulation for real-time pipeline decision support

Real-time pipeline surveillance - Statefinder

The Synergi Pipeline Simulator engine can be used on-line by using real-time process measurements from SCADA or DCS to drive control points in the model. This provides an accurate and detailed real-time decision support tool for pipeline operators. Statefinder helps pipeline controllers operate safely and economically, even in critical situations.

For liquid pipelines Statefinder software can provide batch and interface tracking DRA tracking, wax build-up on crude oil pipelines, scraper tracking and for gas pipeline or network operators – quality/ownership tracking, gas blending, and linepack management.

Most on-line pipeline simulation applications directly use process data received from SCADA after rudimentary checking. Synergi Pipeline Simulator verifies that all the data is a correct hydraulic fit, applies sophisticated error distribution, and then uses the data. This makes Synergi Pipeline Simulator highly tolerant of data errors or outages.

What you get with Statefinder software

  • Real-time transient simulation
  • Error handling using state-of-the art state estimation
  • Line pack management
  • Virtual instrumentation
  • Quality tracking
  • Scraper tracking
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Basis for predictive modelling and survival time analysis

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  Synergi Pipeline Simulator brochure

Synergi Pipeline Simulator brochure

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  Video: Synergi Pipeline Simulator

Video: Synergi Pipeline Simulator

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  Video: Synergi Pipeline Simulator

Video: Synergi Pipeline Simulator

Advanced model lab tips and tricks with Synergi Pipeline Simulator

  Synergi Pipeline Simulator modules

Synergi Pipeline Simulator modules

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