Synergi Electric - Professional Model Building

Building Synergi Electric models from a range of data sources

What is Synergi Electric Professional Model Building?

Synergi Electric models used by distribution planning engineers should represent the latest available data on the configuration and facilities of the distribution system. The basis for this is typically the utility’s Geographic Information System (GIS), but some data -  such as regulator settings, SCADA data and load data – may be held elsewhere. DNV’s Professional Model Building service brings DNV’s extensive experience from 25+ years of model building to ensure that the model build process implemented at the utility will bring in all of the data required by the distribution planning engineer to run their analyses and studies.

How does DNV support the model build process?

DNV’s process starts with a review of the available data followed by a design process. In this process, DNV makes some initial proposals for how data is imported and interpreted in the Synergi Electric model. This is then discussed with the utility engineers, Synergi Electric users and GIS administrators to make sure that the Synergi Electric model looks and behaves as required. 

Once the design is agreed, DNV develops and tests all of the scripting and functionality required for the model build. This is all customized to the utility’s requirements, both in terms of the appearance and functionality of the final model and in terms of the level of automation of the process itself which can range from a one-time model build to a repeatable and automated model build process that can be executed according to a schedule set by the utility (e.g., weekly, monthly, or quarterly). The result is both a model and process that is customized to the utility’s needs and the engineers’ preferences. This process can be combined with automated bulk analysis to produce an even more powerful tool for the distribution planner.

Key benefits of Professional Model Building

  • Include all external data.
  • Automate processes to provide a model built using latest data on demand
  • Support for all major GIS platforms, including Esri UTILITY Network
  • Best practices developed over 25+ years of model building

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