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Substation design

DNV creates basic designs and specifications and executes feasibility studies for high voltage substations and installations such as short circuit laboratories.

As ever more suppliers tender for projects, the clarity of design studies and tender documents is increasingly important for success – whether you are requesting tenders or bidding for projects. DNV helps you evaluate or create technical documentation for substations or other high voltage installations, bringing transparency to decision-making and solution details.

On the procurement side, we support you in setting clear and fair requirements at system and component level. While for bidders, we help you provide sufficient detail on the proposed solution to allow potential customers to take clear, acceptable and explainable choices.

Practical experience worldwide
Every year, our experts are involved in numerous air and gas-insulated HV substation and installation design projects worldwide. You can benefit from their technical insight and state-of-the-art knowledge at various stages throughout the documentation process:

  • technical and economic feasibility studies
  • conceptual design studies and reviews
    • proposal and ranking of a set of technical solutions
  • drafting the design basis
    • setting the starting points of a project
  • basic design studies and reviews
    • in which a selected solution is proposed in sufficient detail for tendering
  • specification of components
    • switches, transformers, breakers, rectifiers, insulators, etc.

We can also support you in many another design related tasks such as bid evaluations, quality assessments and quality control.